SMC Partners

You can be a part of SMC without actually being on SMC.  It takes a village to make SMC succeed and that includes our financial and prayer partners at home.  Consider how you could make an impact in the lives of youth with your financial partnership in the work God is doing in their lives on SMC.


We work hard to keep our costs for the youth and groups as low as possible - we can’t do it without our SMC Partners.  These Partners help keep the budget in the positive and plan for investments in future SMC’s. How will you partner with Summer Mission Camp? 

Lunch for a Day - $200 

    We pack sack lunches each day for our worksites - help underwrite the cost of these nutritious meals.

Staff Partner - $400 

    Each of our SMC Staff typically takes a week off of work to volunteer to serve on SMC.  We choose to not charge them to attend when they’re already sacrificing to be with us.  A Staff Sponsor will help us underwrite the cost of their place at SMC and serve our groups with excellence.  

Final Night Celebration Dinner for the Group - $500

    We like to celebrate the hard work of the team on their final night of SMC.  Typically with a night out to a Pizza Dinner. 

Summit Partner - $1,000 +

    Donate as a business or individual at or above the $1,000 level to help sustain the future of SMC.  Donations at this level help us be able to book further out and save more funding in the long run by doing so.  We can better negotiate rates/dates that fit our groups needs and continue to offer a quality faith changing experience to the youth who attend SMC.  Summit Partners also help us with need-based scholarships when needs arise as well as other special investments for SMC and the youth who participate. 

Interested in Partnering with us for SMC Donate today or email for more information.

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